Effects of Partially Replacing the Commercial Soybean Meal, With A Soaked and Boiled Raw Full-Fat Soybean in Broiler Diets





Raw soybean,, boiling,, soaking,, partial replacement,, broilers,, performances


The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of partially replacing the commercial soybean meal (SBM) with a home-treated, locally produced raw-full fat soybean (RFFSB) in the diets of broilers. A 3×2×2+1 factorial arrangement was used to conduct this feeding trial. A test ingredient (RFFSB) was differently soaked (0, 6 or 12 hrs), drained, boiled (25 or 35 min) and sundried. Following this, it was hammered to pass through a 0.2-mm sieve, then 12 experimental diets were formulated, replacing the SBM by such a home-treated-RFFSB at 50 or 75%. The control diet didn’t contain any RFFSBN. Totally 13 experimental diets were prepared and every treatment was replicated 3 times and 10 chicks per replicate. The results revealed that replacing the commercial SBM by a treated RFFSB had no significant interaction effects on any measured parameter. However, soaking and then boiling it (RFFSB) had significant (P<0.05) interaction effect on the BWTG (1-13d and 14-28d). When increasing the soaking time, the FI (feed intake), BWTG (body weight gain) and feed efficiency were significantly (P<0.05) decreased. When increasing the boiling duration, both FI and feed efficiency (14-28d) were improved. But, when increasing the replacement rate of RFFSB, the feed efficiency was deteriorated. Broilers fed on both control and diets, containing a non-soaked RFFSB had higher (P<0.05) BWTG (1-13d). Birds fed on diets containing RFFSB that was soaked for the longest period (12 hrs) had significantly lower BWTG. Birds fed on diets, containing prolonged boiling duration had significantly (P<0.05) higher BWTG and feed efficiency. There was no interaction (P> 0.05) effect on both carcass yield and cut-products. Neither increasing a boiling time nor a replacement rate had (P<0.05) any influence on the WT (weight) of the carcass. Birds on both control and on non-soaked RFFSB diets had better WT of carcass products. There was no interaction (P>0.05) effect on organ developments. However, increasing the soaking-duration significantly (P<0.05) reduced the organ developments. Therefore, it is concluded that commercial SBM can be replaced by a non-soaked, but boiled raw soybean in diets of broilers.


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