The Effects of Boron Fertilizatıon to Yield Properties in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Alper Durak, Gülin Ulubaş Karan


In this study, the effect of agribor fertilizer (18% pure B) on yield features of sugar beet were investigated. The study was conducted on ustifluvent subgroup soils according to soil taxonomy of agricultural faculty of Gaziosmanpaşa university. Randomized block experiment design with three replications were used and three treatments of agribor fertilizer 0.18 kg da-1 B (1 kg da -1 agribor); 0.27 kg da-1 B (1.5 kg da -1 agribor); 0.36 kg da-1 B (2 kg da -1 agribor) and control (no fertilizer) were applied. The effects of applied doses on yield properties were studied. From yield properties for sugar beet tuber weight, green leaf weight, and proportion of polar sugar in tuber were investigated. Results showed that green leaf and proportion of polar sugar in tuber not statistically important but the first application (0.18 kg da-1 agribor fertilizer) gave an statistically important yield increase in sugar beet. Boron contents of soils and boron uptake of plant species should be considered at boron application.


Sugar beet; Agribor fertilizer; Yield; Fertilization; Nutritions

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