Stability of Durum Wheat Genotypes in Some Agronomic Traits Under Bursa Ecological Conditions

Esra Aydoğan Çiftçi, Pakize Özlem Kurt Polat, Emre Şenyiğit, Ramazan Doğan


In the study it is aimed to determine the stabilities of some agronomic traits of 10 different durum wheats over the years in conditions of Bursa. Research was carried out in randomized complete block design with three replications between the years of 2008-2013. Averages of genotypes of agronomic characteristics, Eberhart and Russell’s regression coefficient and deviation from regression, Francis and Kannenberg’s coefficient of variation and environmental variance used as stability parameters. When the results of the study evaluated at the stability analysis, Amb × Çak-30 lines were determined to be stable in most of the agronomic traits. As for grain yield, which is of great importance for the producer, breeding lines of Amb × Çak -26 and Amb × Çak-30 were determined in good harmony at Bursa under different climatic conditions over five years.


Durum wheat; Stability parameters; Grain yield; Regression coefficient; Adaptation

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