The Effects of Foliar Nitrogen Treatments at Heading Stage on Grain Protein Contents of Bread Wheat Cultivars in in Irrigated Condition

Erdinc Savasli, Oguz Önder, Cemal Cekiç, Hasan Müfit Kalaycı, Ramis Dayıoglu, Yaşar Karaduman, Fatma Gökmen, Nesim DURSUN, Sait Gezgin


This study, conducted by Transitional Zone Agricultural Research Institute in Eskisehir and Selçuk University and was a work packet of TUBİTAK funded project in 2008-2010 growing season. In this study, with using bread wheat cultivars (Bezostaya1) in irrigated condition, it was compared that 0, 4, 8 and 12 kg N da-1 in the early period nitrogen application, both planting and tillering stage and 0, 2, 4 and 6 kg N da-1 solution form using (Urea form) in heading stage. In this study, through with different nitrogen rates in traditional nitrogen application time a variation was created in terms of SPAD and TN at heading stage. According to results of the study, in irrigated conditions, it was found that application of nitrogen from leaves in heading stage can increase the protein content at least 1 % and the critical threshold value of NSPAD was 0.95 for Bezostaya1, on the other hand the critical threshold value of TN critical was % 4.31 for Bezostaya1 in same condition. The using of every 1 kg da-1 of N was increased 0.18 % in early application and 0.30 % in late application for Bezostaja1 in grain protein content. Although both early and late applications was effective for protein content and related quality compounds, the application of leaf solution in heading stage was more dominant. From these properties, it has provided a significant high correlation in the level of protein content with SDS sedimentation(r=0.93**), elongation ability(r=0.96**), extensibility(r=0.96**), duration of dough development(r=0.87**), tolerance value (r=0.56**), and energy value(r=0.89**).


Wheat; Protein; Foliar solution; Leaf Nitrogen(TN); Gluten quality

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