Determination of Nutritive Values of Different Malt Barley Varieties Using In Vitro Gas Production Technique

Behlül Sevim, Tugay Ayaşan, İsmail Ülger, Şerife Ergül, Sait Aykanat, Ahmet Mehdi Coşkun


This study was conducted to determine the nutritive value of malt barley varieties using in vitro gas production technique and in vitro methane production. Atılır, Durusu and Fırat were used as three malt barley varieties. As a result of this study, between the varieties in terms of dry matter (DM), crude ash (CA), crude protein (CP), crude fat (CF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and hemicellulose (HEM) were found significantly important but differences between the varieties in terms of ADF were not found significant. The gas production rate of malt barley varieties ranged from 64.00 to 72.50 ml/200 mg DM. The metabolisable energy (ME) and net energy lactation (NEL) contents of malt barley varieties ranged from 11.75 to 12.86 MJ/kg DM and 7.16 to 7.98 MJ/kg DM respectively. The highest methane (CH4) content was obtained from the variety of Fırat with a value of 13.34 ml/200 mg DM, whereas the lowest value was obtained from the Atılır variety with a value of 12.16 ml/200 mg DM.


Chemical composition; Energy; In vitro gas production; Malt barley varieties; Digestibility

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