Determination of the Sediment Quality of Pazarsuyu Stream (Giresun, Turkey) by Multivariate Statistical Methods

Fikret Ustaoğlu, Yalçın Tepe


The present study, aimed to determine sediment quality of Pazarsuyu Stream, located in the city limit Giresun, Black Sea Region, were carried out between June 2014 and May 2015. The average heavy metal levels of samples taken seasonally from four selected stations were as follow; Cr; 10.64 ppm, Mn; 155.83 ppm, Fe; 8312 ppm, Co; 5.73 ppm, Cu; 17.79 ppm, Zn; 32.74 ppm, Cd; 0.16 ppm, Pb; 19.69 ppm. Additionally, the average sediment organic matter % and pH were found as 6.64 and 5.02, respectively. The obtained data were evaluated statistically by one way ANOVA, Pearson correlation analysis, cluster, and factor analysis. Dot graphs were made by using PAST statistical program. The level of heavy metal pollution in the stream sediment were determined by comparisons of our graphs with sediment quality criteria and the mean heavy metal concentrations of the earth.


Heavy metal; Sediment quality; Giresun; Pazarsuyu stream; Factor analysis

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