Efficiency of Poultry Production in terms of Quality and Balanced Nutrition

Ahmet Uçar, Mesut Türkoğlu


In the World, food isn’t equally distributed. While the health problems of developed countries are obesity, other counties are facing hunger and related diseases. The expectation that the wold population will increase by 1/3 until 2050 will make it necessary to increase animal protein production. It was noted that, in Turkey, per person, red meat consumption is 35 kg, poultry meat is more than 22 kg, while egg consumption number is 200, milk is 230 litres. Our daily protein expenditure is about 35 kg and it is recommended that it should be between 45-50 kgs to suit up the communication age. The highest development rate belongs to white meat industry and breeding chicken industry follows. While this development rate is over the World average in our country, the rate of red meat is lower than the World average. The Information pollution, which is produced by social media and media, is causing consumers to be affected negatively. All population especially the young population should consumption egg, milk, meat and their productions which are very rich for their biological values as their natural need levels. Consumers demanding products obtained from organic and free-range systems should be able to Access easily. However, whichever system is produced, it must be ensured that the products is obtained from a healthy environment, trustable and the products must have date of expiry on their packings. In this review, efficiency of chicken breeding is told to feed the raising population by the animal protein sources sufficiently which is really important for growing intellect and powerful generations.


Poultry meat; Egg; Production and consumption; Quality; Balanced diet

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