The Effect of Saturated Atmosphere Spray and Touching Methods Used Conditioning of Honey Bee’s on Proboscis Eject Reflections (PER)

Alaeddin Yörük, Halil Yeninar


It has been done conditioning experience by observing proboscis eject reflections (PER) and sting ejections (SER) on honey bees. Today, many scientists have showed that honey bees can be used by conditioning for the determination of events such as narcotics, mines, diseases, magnetic fields in the experiment (test). Saturated atmosphere spray and touching methods have been mostly used for studying of proboscis eject reflections (PER). This study was done with different honey bee races and ecotypes and in this study, aromatic plant extract containing 50 cc of atmospheric scent were used for saturated atmosphere sprey's conditioning method. The worker bees in the conditioning chamber have been presented by injecting to head level from the 5 centimeter distance approximately in 3 seconds and then they have been rewarded with a syrup mixture of containing a split a (1/1 w/w) sugar and water. In the touching conditioning method, by the touching of worker – bee, antennas with a wooden toothpick dips to oil aromatic plant extract. A single toothpick has been used for every worker bee that has been recorded whether it has showed or not proboscis eject reflections (PER) by repeating tree times of these processes with a quarter breaks. In the experiment, it has been observed that all the races and ecotypes of honey bees used in the experiment have showed conditioning in both two methods in the statistical analysis of the recorded data. An important difference has been observed in the conditioning and remembering among the application methods. At the end of the experiment, it has been observed that touching application has more conditioning and remembering rates than saturated spray application in conditioning and remembering. In statistical meaning, these two applications have occurred in two different groups.


Honey Bee; Saturated Atmosphere Spray; Touching; Proboscis Extension Reflex (PER)

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