Evaluation of the Effects of Metal Working Fluid on Siyez Wheat (Triticum monococcum) by ICP-OES Method

Sefa Pekol


The metal accumulation levels in the Siyez wheat exposed to the waste metal processing fluid were determined separately by ICP-OES measurements on the stem and root. According to the amount of metalworking fluid in the experimental groups, the root was up to twice as high as the iron, manganese and chromium control group. The iron, manganese and aluminium in the plant stem increased twice, and also the increase tendency of zinc and nickel was observed. The growth of the Siyez wheat has been significantly inhibited. As the metal processing fluid ratio increased, the development of the plant decreased. 1MS / 20 Water lost its plant viability in the experimental group. In the ecosystem, waste metal processing liquids for rainwater, surface waters and aquifers can pose a serious threat.


Siyez wheat; Metal accumulation; Water pollution; Perturbation; Environment

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