Degradation Kinetics of Anthocyanins in Shalgam Beverage

Adnan Bozdoğan, Kurban Yaşar


This research was performed to elucidate the effects of temperature on the degradation kinetics of anthocyanins in shalgam beverage. Shalgam beverage was produced according to traditional production method. Then, it was kept at three different temperatures (65°C, 75°C, and 85°C) for 12 hours, and the relevant quantities of anthocyanins were determined thereafter. The research revealed that degradation of the anthocyanins was well described with a 1st-order reaction kinetics model and the R2 values varied in the range of 0.9059-0.9715. Activation energy of the reaction was determined to be 48537 Joule/mole. The half-lives of anthocyanins at 65°C and 75° C, and 85°C were found to be 138.63, 136.72, and 51.57, respectively. Compared the half-life periods at different temperatures, anthocyanins were found to be more resistant at 65°C and 75°C than at 85°C.


Shalgam beverage; Anthocyanin; Kinetics; Temperature; Fermentation

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