Consumer Attitudes Towards Goat Milk and Goat Milk Products: A Pilot Survey in South East of Turkey

Osman İnanç Güney


Recent years, the increased consumer awareness on healthy food consumption and interest on traditional foods has affected goat milk and goat milk products demand positively. In this study it is aimed to identified the consumer behaviour and consumption tendencies on goat milk and goat milk products. In this context, it was designed a face-to-face survey and conducted to 518 individuals in the two south-east located cities of Turkey, Adana and Mersin. The results show that, almost 50% of the customers are consuming goat milk and its products in different forms. It is also determined that, price, health, nutrition value, digestion convenience and availability are the most effective factors on goat milk and its products consumption and purchase behaviour. Within the goat milk products, consumers are mostly preferring to consume goat cheese and they are mainly using supermarkets as the place of purchase.


consumer behaviour; goat milk; goat milk products; purchase decision; Attitudes

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