Determination of Oil Uptake Capacities and Some Physiochemical Analyses with Sensory Properties of Fried Gluten Free Chips after That Subjected to Pre-Drying Process at Different Temperatures and Times

Ferhat Yuksel, Büşra Yavuz, Aysun Durmaz


The aim of this study was to investigate the moisture and oil uptake capacities of gluten-free chips by pre-drying at different temperatures and times before deep frying. In addition, the determination of some physicochemical contents and sensory properties of the chips were another goal in this study. As a result of pre-drying up to 60°C and 15 min, the dry matter content of the samples increased while the temperature decreased to 70° C. Similarly, the oil content of the samples decreased until the same temperature and time from 19.21 g/100g to 13.26 g/100 g, but increased in later temperatures and durations. No changes were observed in the ash, water activity and protein values of the samples. The colors of the samples were significantly affected by the pre-drying process and them were determined that brightness and yellowness decreased and redness increased depending on pre-drying conditions. In the sensory analysis, panelists gave low color scores depending on the increasing pre-drying temperature and duration of the chips samples. Also there was no significant difference in hardness, taste/odor, oiliness and overall acceptability. In this study, reduced oil content and healthier gluten-free chips were produced with using pre-drying process.


Gluten free chips; Oil uptake; Colour; Sensory analysis; Pre-drying

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