Optimally Rating of Biogas, Compost, Vermicompost Facilities to be Installed in Yozgat Province with ARAS and COPRAS Methods

Rahim Arslan, HÜdaverdi Bircan, Hasan Eleroğlu


In this study, biogas, compost and vermicompost plant location selection problem, and the optimal order of the facilities planned to be established are considered as a multi-criteria decision making problem. This study was carried out in order to determine the optimal suitability of biogas, compost and vermicompost (worm manure) production facilities obtained from pre-feasibility study in order to determine and evaluate the animal and slaughterhouse wastes that were exposed in Yozgat region. The facilities included in the ranking were determined within the scope of the in Pre-Feasibility and Investment Conformity Study Project for Recycling of Animal Wastes in the TR72 Region Sır. The total investment amount to be established in Yozgat province is $249.9 million and 15 biogas which can generate 69 MW / hour of electricity with an income of 149 million dollars / year. 11 compost production centres with a total investment value of $7 million and revenue of $4.4 million / year; Optimum ordering of 3 production centre facilities with a total investment value of 1.7 million dollars and a revenue of 1.9 million dollars / year and a total of 2.746 tons / year vermicompost was made. Ordering was performed using ARAS and COPRAS methods. The first three sequences proposed in the ranking of clusters of facilities that can be established are as follows; biogas clusters 8, 11 and 15; compost clusters 5, 9, 3; vermicompost sets 2, 1 and 3.


Multi Criteria Decision Making; ARAS; COPRAS; Biogas; Compost

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