Comparison of Female and Male Individuals in Terms of Carcass Amount of The Edible Water Frog Pelophylax Ridibundus (Pallas, 1771)

Ahmet Alkaya, Hülya Şereflişan, Suat Dikel


The carcass amount of the male and female frogs collected from the nature (Pelophylax ridibundus) were Determined by measuring body length (SVL) and hind leg length of the carcass, hind leg, skin, head and liver weight. The mean SVL of the female frogs was measured as 91.6 ± 0.53 mm and the males as 81.1 ± 0.69 mm the difference was found to be statistically significant. The mean length values of the hind legs consumed as food were found to be 72.0 ± 0.65 mm in female frogs and 68.0 ± 0.53 mm in male frogs, and the difference was not statistically significant. The mean weight of the hind legs was 21.45 ± 5.06 g in female frogs and 15.53 ± 2.94 g in male frogs, and these amounts were approximately 25% of the total body weight in both sexes. In this study, the average weight of female frogs consumed as body, carcass and food was higher than male frogs. These weight differences between female frogs and male frogs were also found to be statistically significant. Carcass weights constitute approximately 50% of the total weight in both male and female individuals. As a result of the cutting process outside the carcass; the average weight of skin, head and liver were higher in female frogs than in male frogs. Except for the other parts of the carcass were determined to be important differences between male and female individuals, except the head weight. The average amount of frog skin, which is an important industrial product, was found to be 8.07 ± 2.04 g in female frogs and 5.66 ± 1.21 g in male frogs. The ratio of these values was found to correspond to 10% of the total body weight. In this study, it was investigated that the female frogs were better in terms of carcass gain than male frogs and the amount of head, liver and skin outside the carcass amount was determined and evaluated.


Edible frog; Pelophylax ridibundus; Carcass amount; Ranidae; Frog meat

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