Spatio-temporal Assessment of Land-based Pollutants in Water Resources: Yalova, Turkey

Oylum Gökkurt Baki


The study investigated the water quality characteristics of the spring waters, creeks and lakes in Yalova Province, Turkey. The 12-month study was carried out in 2005 and the same study was repeated in the same stations in 2008. Water samples were collected from 9 stations on a monthly basis. For the determination of the water quality, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, ammonium nitrogen, nitrite and nitrate nitrogen, potassium, total copper, chlorine, sulphate, iron, phosphate, zinc and sulfide analyses were performed. The water quality parameters of the spring waters, creeks and lakes were determined with respect to months and years. The stations that are known to receive wastewater and solid waste inputs were revealed to have high concentrations of water pollution-indicating parameters.


land-based pollution; water pollution; sustainable water management; Yalova; surface water

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