The Egg Production, Hatchability, Growing, Slaughter and Carcass Characteristics of Geese (Anser Anser) Reared under Breeders Conditions in Kars Province; I. Egg Production and Hatchability Characteristics

Kadir Önk, Turgut Kırmızıbayrak


In order to determine egg production, yield records of 200 mature geese were used from 60 family enterprises. Total 2365 eggs were examined in order to determine the traits of egg yield. While examining mature geese to determine egg production and its traits, geese were grouped according to their feather color (white, yellow, black, piebald, and grey) and ages (1, 2, 3, 4, and >4). In determining the hatchability characteristics, age, feather color and egg weight (<140.01, 140.01-150.00, 150.01-160.00, 160.01-170.00 and >170.00). The general means of egg production and egg laying period was 12.66 ± 0.07 per geese and 28.61 ± 0.19 per day respectively, While the general means egg weight and egg shape index values were 163.74 ± 0.38 g and 65.78% respectively. The effect of age and feather color groups on egg production and laying period were significant. The general mean of natural hatchability traits of the geese eggs such as fertility rate, hatchability rate, hatching rate, embryonic mortality rate, and mortality in shell rate were found 76.10%, 60.88%, 80.00%, 13.16% and 6.84% respectively. While the effect of feather color on the natural hatching traits was insignificant, the effect of maternal age on fertility rate was significant but the effect on the other properties examined was insignificant. As a result, the egg production and laying period of Turkish domestic geese were lower than those of many goose breeds but egg weight was similar to many goose breeds. It was determined that hatching yield increased as egg weight increased. In terms of egg yield, it was determined that 3-year-old geese were higher than other age geese.


Kars; Geese; Egg production; Hatchability characteristics; Slaughter and Carcass

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