Consumers’ Willingness to Pay and Market Shares for Drinking Milk Profiles with the Region of Origin: Case of Iğdır Province

Yavuz Topcu


The aim of the study was to design the drinking milk profiles according to the factors and their levels effecting on the consumers’ purchase decisions towards drinking milk with the region of origin at the retailer level, and then to determine the market shares (MS) and the consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP). Research data were obtained from 160 households consuming drinking milk in Iğdır province. Conjoint Analysis were used to design drinking milk profiles with the region of origin, and to determine their market shares (MS) and consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP). The result of the study highlighted that the marketing shares of the first three drinking milk profiles maximizing the consumers’ total utilities were calculated as %34, %12 and %10 (card number 7, 6 and 1), respectively. On the other hand, the consumers’ willingness to pay under the origins and price levels of drinking milk were analyzed as %26 for Aegean/Marmara Region, %16 for Northeast Anatolia Region and %12 for Eastern Black Sea Region at the lowest price levels. By having designed drinking milk profiles maximizing the consumers’ total utilities, the marketing share and penetration rates of the products could increase, and the product profiles responded to the consumers’ willingness to pay could also satisfy considerably on their purchase decisions.


Conjoint analysis; Drinking milk; Iğdır, Market share; Willingness to pay

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