Determination of Factors Affecting Agricultural Credit Usage Decisions of Farmers in Niğde and Karaman Provinces

Ali Berk


In this study, the factors affecting agricultural credit usage decision of farmers in Niğde and Karaman provinces were examined. Data was collected by face-to-face survey method from 67 farmers and was analyzed with Tobit method. Findings revealed that, factors such as education level, family size and residence status have affected negatively, while tractor ownership has affected positively on farmer’s decision. The R2 value, which gave an information about goodness of fit of model was calculated as 0.209, Akaike information criteria was calculated as 1.321. It is obvious that there is a need for credit utilization in favorable conditions for access to credit in the region and the arrangements to be made in this regard will contribute to the continuity of agricultural production in the region.


Agricultural Credit; Probit Model; Niğde; Karaman; Turkey

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