Temporal and Spatial Disturbition of the Organic Carbon Content in Sediments of İkizcetepeler Dam Lake (Balıkesir)

Şakir Fural, Serkan Kükrer, İsa Cürebal


This study was carried out to determine the spatial and temporal changes of organic carbon (OC) concentrations in surface sediment and core samples taken from the base of the İkizcetepeler Dam. Although organic carbon (OC) is an important component of natural life, when found in wetlands over a certain amount, it leads to organic pollution and reduces dissolved oxygen in the environment, putting the life of other living things at risk. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the spatial and temporal distribution of the amount of OC in wetlands. Within the scope of the study, the data acquired from the titration method on surface and core samples collected were converted into extensional distribution maps and vertical distribution graphs using Arc – Map 10.5 Software. Thus, the amount and distribution of OC were determined, resource identification was facilitated, and risky areas at the base of the dam lake were identified. When all the findings were evaluated, it was determined that the amount of OC reached the highest values was at the sample points where Kille Stream, Koca Stream, and Çınarlı stream mouth and old settlements were located. The highest values according to temporal or spatial distribution were found between 5 – 10 cm slices. This indicates that the OC was transported from the watershed by streams other than Bağırsak Stream and discharged into the dam and that the discharge has increased to its maximum level in recent years and is now on a downward trend. According to the field studies carried out around Ikizcetepeler Dam and data obtained from available literature and analytical procedures, no OC origin pollution was observed in the dam.


Organic carbon; Ecological risk; İkizcetepeler dam; Balıkesir; Turkey

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