Variation in Chemicals and Growth Parameters of Taşköprü Garlic

Nezahat Turfan


Main goals of the present study were (1) to initially investigate the nutrient contents and bioactive compounds in the bulb and cloves of garlic, and (2) to study the growth parameter after planting. Garlic bulbs were firstly separated into three categories as pickled, big and small, while the big garlic cloves were also classified into three categories as big, small and central. Secondly, the garlic samples were analyzed before planting for their element profile, proline, soluble protein, free amino acid, β-carotene, lycopene, total phenolic, soluble sugars, SOD and α-amylase activities. Finally, the growth parameters were measured using the cultivated cloves and the pickled bulbs. According to the result, the highest soluble protein, N, phenolic, lycopene and α amylase activity (97.06 mg, 2.58%, 971 mg, 0.368 mg and 38.13 EU, respectively) were recorded in the biggest cloves. The highest proline, amino acid, glucose content (93.84 µmol, 23.54 mg, 230.89 mg, respectively) and K, P, S, Mg, Mn, Fe and Zn (21940 ppm, 7577 ppm, 12200 ppm, 504 ppm, 38.1ppm, 377,7ppm and 44.5 ppm, respectively) were found in the pickled bulb. The maximum level of β-carotene (0.282 mg), Ca, Cl and Sr (11260ppm, 818.7ppm and 47.9 ppm) were determined in the small bulbs. Based on the growth parameters of seedlings, the highest value of shoot and root length (39.12 cm and 24.11 cm respectively), the fresh weight of shoot and root (5.29 g and 4.54 g respectively) and dry weight of shoot and root (1.70 g and 1.24 g respectively) were noted with the big cloves. The results of the current study have indicated that the pickled cloves have higher macro and micro nutrients, proline, amino acid and glucose, while the big cloves of garlic have higher proline, phenolic, N%, lycopene and amylase activity. It can be said that the big cloves showed good value for the five bioactive compounds, but the pickled exhibited good value for the macro and micro element and glucose.


Bulb; Cloves; Garlic; Growth; Nutrients

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