Quantitative Constituents Analysis of Rice Mill Wastewater

Motaharul Islam, Taslema Nasrin, Mosiur Rahman, Mofizul Islam, Tushar Kanti Ray


In the present world, climate change is a mass talked issue. Because of climate change, humans and animals are under the risk of threatening. The scientist has pointed out that main reasons for climate change are waste. Waste is generated from household chores and industries, factories etc. that are affecting the balance of the environment in many ways. This waste may be of various types such as solid, liquid, gaseous etc. Therefore, the study was taken to assess the chemical components contain in wastewater in Dinajpur Sadar, Bangladesh. This study was aimed to evaluate the chemical compositions of the generated wastewater including comparison with the groundwater. The data concerning to the rice mill waste water in Dinajpur, Bangladesh was obtained from individual field visits by interviewing with owner and worker in the rice mills. The wastewater samples were collected randomly from different rice mills. A laboratory experiment was performed to determine the chemical constituents of the wastewater sample. The wastewater contained of pH(6.11-6.18), EC(181.47-185.23 µScm-1), Na(26.19-28.89 mgl-1), Ca(45.41-51.26 mgl-1), Mg(47.12-49.8 mgl-10), K(184.7-191.3 mgl-1), TDS(45.94-47.96 mgl-1), HT(306.7-332.33 mgl-1), S(11.05-13.25 mgl-1), Cl-(522.45-526.182 mgl-1), HCO3-(5.12-6.99 mgl-1), DO(0.46-0.53 mgl-1), P(17.01-21.54 mgl-1). The obtained concentration of Ca, EC, pH, Na and HCO3- were within the reported range of groundwater in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. The concentration of Cl-, K, P, Mg and hardness in the wastewater were above the concentration of reported groundwater in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. On the other hand, the concentration of TDS in the wastewater was less than the reported concentration of groundwater in Dinajpur, Bangladesh.


Wastewater; Rice mill; Analysis; Constituents; Comparison

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