Tillage, Crop Residue and Nitrogen Management Effects on Nitrogen Uptake, Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Yield of Rice

Arjun Bastola, Tika Karki, Santosh Marahatta, Lal Prasad Amgai


Field experiment was conducted in three factorial strip split plot design to evaluate the effect of two establishment methods (EM) i.e. transplanted in puddled soil (Pu-TPR) and direct seeded in zero tillage (ZT-DSR), two residue levels i.e. residue kept at 3 t ha -1 (RK) and no residue (RR) with two nitrogen doses i.e. recommended dose (100 kg N ha -1) (RD) and farmers' dose (50 kg N ha-1) (FD) with six replications with individual plot size of 5.4 m × 6.3 m on rice variety Ram-Dhan during the year 2016. Nitrogen uptake, nitrogen use efficiencies and yield of rice were recorded. Straw nitrogen uptake was significantly higher in ZT-DSR than Pu-TPR. Similarly, grain straw and total nitrogen uptake were significantly higher in residue applied and recommended dose of nitrogen than no-residue applied and farmers-nitrogen dose treatments respectively. Nitrogen efficiency ratio and physiological efficiency index were significantly higher in Pu-TPR and no-residue applied treatments while partial factor productivity was higher in residue applied treatment. All nitrogen use efficiencies like partial factor productivity, nitrogen efficiency ratio and physiological efficiency index were significantly influenced by nitrogen dose and seen higher in recommended dose of nitrogen. Establishment methods had no significant effect on grain yield but straw yield was significantly higher in ZT-DSR but harvest index was seen higher in Pu-TPR. Grain yield and straw yield were significantly higher in residue applied treatment and recommended nitrogen but harvest index was higher in farmers-nitrogen dose.


Tillage; residue; nitrogen uptake; nitrogen use efficiency; rice yield

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