Application of Plasma Technology in Food Processing

Aslı Albayrak, Gülden Başyiğit Kılıç


Consumer demands for raw or unprocessed foods increased due to consumers’ awareness of the importance of a healthy life. However, searching alternative techniques instead of heat treatment is an important issue for the industry in order to enhance the microbiological quality. Non-thermal techniques are encouraged because of their effectiveness on the preservation of natural aroma, flavor and microbiological quality without causing any change in the structure of the product. Plasma technology is one of these alternative techniques. Plasma technology, known as the fourth state of matter, is known as the partial ionization of positive and negative ions, free radicals, charged particles and molecules in electron and photon form. Plasma is usually forms or formed by electric or electrical discharge or by a strong radiation effect. Plasma is classified according to its temperature, thermal equilibrium, and pressure. Cold plasma technique is used in foods for contaminated surfaces and cleaning of medical instruments. In this review, plasma technology applied to foods and their effects are presented.


Antimicrobial effect; Food; Nonthermal technology; Plasma; Sterilization

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