Economic Analysis of Manure Utilization and Management Practices in Dairy Farms: The Case of Burdur Province

Huriye Dönmez Özyakar, Hasan Yılmaz


The objective of research was to economic analysis of manure utilization for fertilizer and manure management practices at the different size dairy farms engaged also in crop production in Burdur province. Data were obtained by conducting a questionnaire with 102 farmers which had dairy and crop productions. It was determined that as farm size increased ratio of crop nutrient demand met by manure increased. Crop nutrient demand met by manure was 29.9, 58.9 and 45.2 % for Group I, II and all farms average, respectively. When farmers used manure as fertilizer, amount of saving were 51.8, 107.1 and 80.6 TL/decare for Group I, II and all farms average, respectively. These results indicate that manure use can become economical for farmers. However, it has been found that nutrient losses are related to the excess in use of chemical fertilizers in all farms. Nutrient surplus due to extra chemical fertilizer use were 7.1, 15.9 and 11.8 kg for Group I, II and all farms average, respectively. Economic losses due to surplus nutrient substances usage were 65.1, 152.6 and 110.6 TL for Group I, II and all farms average, respectively. It was determined that farmers' knowledge level on manure use, management and chemical fertilizer were low in the research area. One major issue to be solved before manure use is to inform farmers about the importance of soil testing.


Manure use; Chemical fertilizer; Dairy farming; Crop farming; Integrated systems

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