Producing Hydrogen Gas from Organic Wastes Released by Agricultural Activities

Furkan Baş, Burak Şen, Mehmet Fatih Kaya


The world’s population is increasing day by day, and the need of the energy and food is increasing at the same rate. As it is known, facilities which engaged in agricultural activities take a large share of the world’s industrial pie, so the pollution sparked by the activities of these industries is also uncondescending. Energy production from organic wastes exposed as a result of agricultural activities is an important working area; damage to the environment will also be reduced by the recovery of the wastes. In this study, hydrogen gas production from organic wastes released by agricultural activities will be demonstrated. In addition, literature review on the state of hydrogen energy from organic wastes in the world and in Turkey will be carried out.


Electrolysis Energy; Energy in agriculture; Hydrogen; Organic waste

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