In ovo Feeding Technology for Optimization of Incubation and Hatching in Broiler Chickens

Brian Tainika, Ahmet Şekeroğlu


This paper provided a brief account of the need of in ovo feeding technology for efficient incubation and hatching as driven by the current and projected poultry production figures. After substantial laboratory experiments in the early 1980s, in ovo vaccination technology became applicable in the commercial broiler hatcheries. The scientific theories that enabled the use of in ovo vaccination facilitated the process of injecting the various nutrient composition into broiler eggs/embryo (in ovo feeding) considering the injection site and the stage of embryonic development. Some studies of in ovo feeding have found scientifically positive effects on incubation properties but they remain insufficient at the commercial level thus, the adoption of the application is very slow compared to other embryo management techniques. Therefore, continuous studies on the best nutrient compositions, combinations, and concentrations are required for the commercial use of in ovo feeding technology.


In ovo feeding; incubation; hatching; chicken embryo; broiler

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