The Role of Tokat Province in Vegetable Cultivation of Turkey

Naif Geboloğlu, Sezer Şahin


Tokat, which is located between the Black Sea Region and the Central Anatolia Region and has a transition climate, is one of the provinces with high agricultural potential. This potential also provides important advantages in terms of vegetable agriculture. In Tokat, where the vegetable cultivation dates back to many years, many types of vegetables can be grown. While the farmers engaged in vegetable cultivation until the beginning of the 2000s were satisfied with their situation, in the last 15 years, growers have started to turn to alternative products due to the decrease in quality, productivity and profitability. There are significant difficulties and decreases in competitiveness of vegetable farming in the field and greenhouse cultivation. In the study, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of vegetable cultivation of Tokat were analysed. Solutions for the improvement of vegetable cultivation have been discussed by making determinations.


Tokat; Vegetable cultivation; Marketing; Türkiye; Production

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