The Effect of Increasing Doses of Magnesium Sulphate Applications on Leaf Yield and Quality of Tobacco Plant

Ahmet Kınay, Halil Erdem


This research was carried out to determine the effects of fertilizers with MgSO4 applied in the increasing amounts (0, 3, 6 and 9 kg da-1) on the leaf yield, leaf quality and some chemical (Mg, S, N, P, K, nicotine, sugar, chlorogenic and rutin concentration) parameters of tobacco in the field conditions of Tokat/Erbaa and Tokat/Kazova locations in 2017 year. The research was established in three replications according to the randomized block design, and the leaves that reached the harvest maturity were harvested in three hands. According to the results, with increasing doses of MgSO4 application, there was an increase in the leaf yield of the tobacco cultivar grown in Erbaa and Kazova locations. The increase in leaf yield was seen at the dose of 6 kg da-1 of MgSO4 and this increase was 22% in Erbaa location and 6.4% in Kazova location. It was observed that increasing MgSO4 applications caused statistically significant increases in leaf Mg and S concentrations, and the highest increase was observed in the leaf yield at a dose of 6 kg da-1. Nicotine concentration, which is a very important alkaloid component for tobacco, caused a decrease in both locations with MgSO4 application. The results revealed that increasing doses of MgSO4 caused an increase in the yield of tobacco leaves, an increase in leaf Mg and S concentrations, and a decrease in nicotine concentrations.


Tobacco; Magnesium sulphate; Nicotine; Yield; Quality

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