Determination of Some Properties of Jam and Marmalade Produced from Different Blueberry Varieties (Vaccinum Sp.)

Emine Kübra Güzel, Cemal Kaya, Esra Esin Yücel, Mustafa Bayram


In this study, seasonal fruits belonging to two different varieties of Blueberry (Brigitta and Darrow) grown in Turkey were processed into jam and marmalade in order to ensure their availability throughout the year. It is aimed to examine the changes in the phytochemical properties of the obtained products during the storage period, such as total phenolic substance, total anthocyanin and antioxidant capacity, which are extremely important in terms of nutrition and health. Total phenolics content (TPC), total antioxidant capacity (TEAC and FRAP), total anthocyanins (TA), polymeric color (PC) and hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) analyses were performed in fresh currant fruits at the beginning of the storage. Also, the same analyses were carried out on jams and marmalades at the end of 6-month storage period. During storage, the amount of total phenolic compounds, TEAC value, FRAP value and amount of anthocyanin values for jam and marmelade samples varied between respectively are 178.68-518.45 μg GAE/g; 1.16-11.60 μmol TE/g; 1.83-10.33 μmol TE/g; 7.35-298.22 µg cy-3 glu/g. Darrow blueberry samples had the highest values in the all types of blueberry jam and marmelade during storage. At the end of 6 months of storage period, it was observed to jam and marmalade samples of Darrow variety had the highest increase (124% and 73%) in terms of polymeric color value, on the other hand jam and marmalade samples of Brigitta variety had the highest increase (65% and 87%) in terms of HMF value.


Blueberry; Jam; Marmalade; Phenolic; Antioxidant capacity

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