A Case of Dystocia Induced by Misuse of Oxytocin in a Boerboel Bitch

Khalid Talha Biobaku, Lukman Oladimeji Raji, Ganiu Jimoh Akorede, Ismail Ayoade Odetokun, Saliu Akanni Ameen


A two year old boerboel bitch with dark greenish vaginal discharge and history of over 24 hours of difficult labor was presented to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital University of Ibadan for clinical examination and treatment. The owner had wrongfully given oxytocin after observation of signs of parturition. Following careful physical and clinical examinations of the bitch by Veterinary doctors, dystocia due to obstruction of maternal birth canal by a dead fetus was diagnosed. Treatment regimen was by digital manipulation which stimulated cervical dilatation and careful delivery of dead fetus via the vagina. Thereafter, oxytocin was administered to augment the bitch’s weak uterine contraction. Four weak puppies were delivered out of which three survived following adequate treatment.


Bitch;Dystocia; Dead fetus; Oxytocin; Veterinary doctors

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