Development of a Low-Cost pH Meter for Liquid Chemical Fertilizers




pH meter, pH sensor, Microcontroller, Arduino, Liquid fertilizers


Liquid chemical fertilizers are widely used in modern agriculture. The pH values of these fertilizers are important in terms of their effectiveness in the field application and their effect on the soil-water pH balance. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the pH and other properties of liquid fertilizers with fast, practical and inexpensive methods. With the advancing technology, pH value has been started to measure more accurately and efficiently with the help of low-cost devices. In this study, a low-cost pH meter was developed using a low-cost pH sensor, an Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller board, and a software written in the C/C++ programming language. The developed pH meter was used to measure the pH values of liquid chemical fertilizers. Close variations were observed between the values obtained from it and the values measured by an accredited, laboratory-type pH meter. According to the pH measurements of the two pH meters, R2 ranged 88.1% to 99.3%, average error range 0.14 to 0.28, and average error percentage ranged 1.56% to 6.81% for three different types of liquid fertilizers. In light of these results, it was shown that the developed low-cost pH meter can be useful for practical pH measurement applications.




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Polat, M. Y., Beyaz, A., & Çilingir, İbrahim. (2020). Development of a Low-Cost pH Meter for Liquid Chemical Fertilizers. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(4), 840–846.



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