Sugar Beet Production Structure and Problems in Ilgın District of Konya Province




Production structure, Production quota, Production costs, Privatization, Sugar beet


In this study, it is aimed to determine sugar beet production in Konya province, operation of factories in the region, the situation of farmers, privatization, production structure of sugar beet and the problems based on it. For this purpose, data were collected by questionnaires from 175 producers, who were selected according to Probability-Based Sampling method, from the producers operating in the cooperatives registered in the Association of Beet Cultivators Cooperatives (Pankobirlik) in Ilgın district of Konya. According to the findings, the difficulties encountered in production were listed as high irrigation cost of sugar beet (87.4%), difficulty in combating diseases and pests (77.7%), excess labor demand compared to other products (74.3%), and insufficiency of water in the region (72.0%) in sugar beet production. In addition, about 77% of producer‘s state that product prices are low. Approximately 60% of the producers in the region have stated that they are against the privatization of sugar producing factories. When the results are evaluated, it is necessary to take into consideration the costs in determining sugar beet purchase prices and to include sugar beet production within the scope of support to reduce production costs. In addition, it is considered necessary to take essential steps by considering producer opinions on privatization and to review sugar policies.



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Eser, H., & Bahşi, N. (2020). Sugar Beet Production Structure and Problems in Ilgın District of Konya Province. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(1), 204–213.



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