Marketing Communication Tools in Food Industry: A Case Study on Cukurova Region in Turkey




Marketing communication, marketing communication tools, consumer behavior, food products, Çukurova Region


In this study, it is aimed to examine which level marketing communicating tools are used in the food industry in Çukurova Region, Turkey. For this purpose, a survey was applied to 92 enterprises which process milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, fruit juice industry in both Adana and Mersin. Also, face to face interview was conducted to gather data from 400 consumers who were determined via simple random sampling, living in Adana province. It was found out that enterprises used the marketing communication tools (sales promotion, advertisement etc.) to increase sales and reduce inventory, even if they are not mostly aware of the concept of marketing communications. They also indicated that they do not practice marketing communication programs at all. The most used tools by the enterprises are personal sales, direct marketing, sales promotions and advertisement. Also, as a result of correlation analysis showed that there is an effect between the enterprises‘ use of marketing communication tools and brand and market performance. Consumers stated that the sales promotions are the most effective marketing communication tools on their preferences not only buying food products but also changing the brands. Consumers mostly decide what to buy and which brand while they are in the market. In this case, advertisement, promotion and to the content of the product were the most important factors regarding consumers‘ choices. It was found out that consumers‘ gender, age, education and income levels were also effective on their preferences on buying different food products. Consumers attitude was different about marketing communication tools; such as young people mostly affected by media and primary and secondary school graduates mostly influenced by additional gifts provided free of charge with the main product.




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Bahşi, N., & Bostan Budak, D. (2020). Marketing Communication Tools in Food Industry: A Case Study on Cukurova Region in Turkey. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(5), 1108–1116.



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