Definition of Labour Terminology in the Agricultural Sector




Labor, Agriculture, Agricultural labor, Terminology, Labour Economics


Labor is the efficient part of the population in production. Total labor supply that occurs subject to the developments in the population and labor demand that shapes according to the economic conditions; are two basic elements of market formation. Labor markets can be defined as a social organization where supply and demand are met and wage occurs. Labor market among all market structures are in such position that is significantly affected by other units of the economy and highly affects them due to its functioning and features. Therefore, during the production process and planning, it is necessary to analyze the labor markets in detail. The agricultural labor market within the labor markets which forms the basis of the economy and contributes to other markets from various sources, needs to be analyzed. The agricultural labor should be analyzed and classified because of the following reasons; the agricultural labor has direct contribution in the use of natural resources and capital elements in agricultural sector; the labor is used more intensively in the unit area in agricultural activities compared to other sectors; transfer of labor is realized from the agricultural sector to other sectors; agricultural labor composes the source of the hidden unemployment and structural unemployment. In addition, labor in agricultural sector should be classified in order to determine the types of labor force to be used in data formation for public institutions / organizations and to facilitate access to the correct decision processes in the projects and policies to be created by contributing to obtaining reliable statistical data. In line with those determined objectives, this study was carried out to determine the types of labor force in the agricultural sector, to combine the conceptual definitions made and to provide semantic integrity in the literature.



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Bayramoğlu, Z., & Bozdemir, M. (2020). Definition of Labour Terminology in the Agricultural Sector. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(3), 773–783.



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