Macroanatomical Investigations on Renal Arteries of Southern Karaman Sheep




Intrarenal segmentation, Southern Karaman sheep, Anatomy, Renal artery, Ren


In this study, it was aimed to investigate the arterial vascularization of the kidneys in the South Karaman sheep breed. Twelve South Karaman sheep kidneys were used in the study. The course of the renal arteries in the kidney was examined by means of dissection and corrosion cast techniques. The kidneys were vascularized with right renal artery and left renal artery to the arteries originating from the abdominal aorta. Right renal artery was seen to be slightly more prominent than the left renal artery. Left renal artery was measured longer and thicker than the right renal artery. The renal artery entering the renal hilus, dorsal and ventral part of the renal artery were detected. However, in several materials, the left renal artery was shown to have a third branch. The dorsal and ventral branches gave interlobar artery with numbers ranging from 2-5. Each interlobar artery had multiple arcuate artery. These arteries ended by giving the interlobular artery. Anastomosis was not observed between the renal arteries. Although there were some important variations in the distribution of renal arteries of South Karaman sheep, similar findings were reported in the literature.




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Derviş, Özdemir, & Özüdoğru, Z. (2020). Macroanatomical Investigations on Renal Arteries of Southern Karaman Sheep. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(9), 1878–1881.



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