Application of Edible Film and Coatings Enriched with Active Compounds for Fresh and Processed Meat and Fish Products




Meat products, Fish products, Edible film coating, Active compound, Antioxidant


Food resources are rapidly depleting due to the increase in world population and ecological problems, nowadays. For this reason, it is very important to protect and improve the durability of foods as well as to produce them. Since meat and fish products are sensitive foods, they can deteriorate very quickly under inappropriate storage conditions. Various quality losses can occur as a result of biochemical and microbiological degradation during storage of fresh or processed meat and fish products. Edible film and coating applications are noted as an interesting approach among packaging methods used to preserve desirable sensory properties of meat and fish products and to delay biological, chemical and microbiological spoilage in these food products. Edible film and coatings are low cost and easy to apply packaging methods that use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials obtained from natural sources such as protein, lipid or polysaccharide. In addition, edible film and coatings can act as carriers for active ingredients such as antimicrobials, antioxidants and flavorings. Edible film and coatings containing active ingredients are suitable for preservation of meat and fish products. These edible packaging treatments improve the storage time of meat and fish products by preventing moisture loss, retarding microbiological spoilage and restricting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, slowing the oxidation of lipid, protein and pigment and extending the sensory acceptability of products. In this review, information was given about the applications of edible film and coatings enriched with active ingredients to meat, fish and derived products and the protective effect against microbial spoilage and oxidative deterioration and sensory quality losses occurring in these products during the storage period.



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Kozlu, A., & Elmacı, Y. (2021). Application of Edible Film and Coatings Enriched with Active Compounds for Fresh and Processed Meat and Fish Products. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(5), 868–877.



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