Investigation of Consumption Preferences of Snail Meat on Northern Cyprus




Snail meat, garavolli, food culture, cooking methods, consumption preferences


Although snail meat is an important source of protein in terms of human nutrition, it has found a place in the eating and drinking culture of very few communities. Consumption of snail meat is socially accepted in many parts of the Cyprus. It is called as “Garavolli” by the Cypriot people and is also one of the most delicious appetizers. This research is important in determining the consumption behaviour of the people of the Northern Cyprus and determining their preferences depending on cooking methods. According to the results of this study, 32.7% of the participants do not consume snail meat, while 67.3% of them consume snail meat. It is consumed more at home (41.3%), compared to consuming at restaurants (38.1%). While 47% of participants consuming preferred to consume as boiled (with olive oil and vinegar), 3.8% of them preferred to consume as grilled. The most preferred method of cooking is boiling then dipping it to olive oil and vinegar. As we see from the answers, habits directly effect on preference to consume or not to consume the snail meat.




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Kaya Yıldırım, F., & Ulusoy, B. H. (2022). Investigation of Consumption Preferences of Snail Meat on Northern Cyprus. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(4), 682–685.



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