Determination of the Effects of Low-Dose Gamma (60Co) Ray Applications on Early Seedling Growth of Fresh Bean under Restricted Irrigation Conditions




Bean, Early seedling growth, Gama ray, Phaseolus vulgaris, Water deficit


Drought stress is one of the main factors limiting green bean production, as it is in many cultivated plants. Recently, it has been reported by some researchers that low-dose gamma-ray applications help eliminate the negative effects of drought at critical stages of plant development. However, studies on this subject are very limited. Our study aims to determine the effects of gamma ray application at different dosages (0, 25, 50, and 100 Gy) under water deficit in Gina and Romano fresh bean varieties. The seedlings were grown in two different irrigation levels, full irrigation [100% (I1)] and restricted irrigation [50% (I2)], at a temperature of 23 ± 2°C and 16:8 h of light:dark period in growth chamber conditions. At the end of the study, seedling growth parameters such as shoot and root length, number of leaves, shoot and root fresh-dry weights, root/shoot ratio, as well as leaf relative water content, photosynthetic pigments content, lipid peroxidation and shoot nutrient contents were determined. Low-dose gamma application gave different results depending on the cultivars under deficit irrigation conditions. Gamma doses had a significant effect only on root length in the Gina cultivar at 50% irrigation, while 50 and 100 Gy doses in the Romano cultivar significantly increased shoot length and its fresh and dry weights. MDA content decreased significantly with 50 and 100 Gy gamma rays under water deficit stress in both cultivars. Low-dose gamma ray application is more effective, especially in the Romano variety and 50 and 100 Gy can be recommended as effective doses under water deficit conditions.


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