Estimation of Fertility Status of Agricultural Soils in Ağrı/Eleşkirt Region




Ağrı, Eleşkirt, Soil analysis, Soil fertility status, Plant nutrients


This study was conducted to determine the fertility potential of the agricultural soils of Ağrı/Eleşkirt region and the levels of basic plant nutrients. Texture classes of soil samples of the research area was; loam, clay loam and sandy clay timbre, 55% loam, 40% clay timbre and 5% sandy clay. The pH of the soils varies between 6.50-7.57, with an average of 7.14 neutral and CEC values between 17.3-29.5 cmol/kg. Lime content is 3.95-12.10%, mean of 7.11%; 30% are limy and 70% are medium limy, organic matter contents are 1.20-2.59%, average of 2%, 45% organic matter is considered low and 55% is medium. Their EC was between 0.14 and 0.43 dS/m, with an average of 0.21 dS/m; there is no salinity problem in the soils. Total N contents were 0.03-0.10%; 15% is very little, 65% is insufficient and 20% is sufficient, plant-friendly P, between 5.67-11.7 mg/kg; 20% is insufficient and 80% is sufficient; K content was 1.09-1.77 cmol/kg, an average of 1.45 cmol/kg is sufficient and excessive. The interchangeable Ca 7.90-9.90 cmol/kg is sufficient, with an average of 8.82 cmol/kg. Changeable Na, 0.87-1.56 cmol/kg, average 1.20 cmol/kg, normal level; plant Fe is sufficient in 12 of the 2.78 mg/kg to 6.90 mg/kg, 60% of the soils are sufficient and 40% are insufficient; Cu, available zinc (Zn) contents 0.29 to 0.78 mg/kg; 10% are sufficient and 90% have insufficient available Zn content; the available Mn level was insufficient in all soil samples. As a result, it was determined that at least half of the research area soils are in dire need of increasing the organic matter content, nitrogen fertilizer, partially phosphorus fertilizer and especially microelement fertilizers such as Zn and Mn. Therefore, it is recommended to eliminate the deficiencies with macro and micro elements in leaf or organo-mineral (micro-element-containing) fertilizers in light of economic and ecological planning by conducting correlation and calibration studies with plant response.



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Dizikısa, T., Yıldız, N., Özgül, M., & Hacımüftüoğlu, F. (2022). Estimation of Fertility Status of Agricultural Soils in Ağrı/Eleşkirt Region. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(11), 2283–2290.



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