IGFALS Gene Polymorphisms in Simmental Breed Cattle





SNP, IGFALS, marker, DNA sequencing, Simmental


Defining new genetic markers to understand the population structure and genetic basis of cattle breeds, increase production and improve yield quality is of great importance in the field of modern breeding technology. In this study, it was aimed to identify new molecular marker polymorphisms by using DNA sequence analysis method on the Insulin-Like Growth Factor-Binding Protein, Acıd-Labile Subunit (IGFALS) gene, which affects different yield characteristics in cattle. 20 samples from PCR products with various base sizes were randomly chosen for sequence analysis. The study revealed that the IGFALS gene’s first exon region, which is 492 bp long, contains the g.1368491 A/G polymorphism. A 463 bp length region of the second exon was where the g.1369854 -/G insertion was found.


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