Effect of Fertilization on the Morphological Development of European Hophormbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.) Seedlings


  • Şemsettin Kulaç Düzce University
  • Özge Yıldız Düzce University




European hophornbeam, Ostrya carpinifolia Scop, Fertilization, Morphological characteristics, Population


In this study, in order to help the mass production of seedlings, the effect of fertilization on the morphological development of hornbeam leafy European hophornbeam (Ostry carpinifolia Scop) seedlings were investigated. For this, seedlings, which were obtained from the seeds coming from different European hophornbeam populations (Düzce-Yığılca, Antalya-Finike, Antalya-Akseki, Kastamonu-Şehdağ ve Adana-Saimbeyli) from various parts of Turkey, were used. European hophornbeam seedlings were treated with different fertilizers, including urea, ammonium sulphate, compound fertilizer 15-15-15 and 20-20-0, and 6-9 months Osmocote release fertilizer, and effects of these fertilizers on the morphological characters were investigated. Fertilization contained the same amount of nitrogen, and was made in three different ways; (1) mixing with habitat, (2) topical application and (3) liquid application. The development of germinated European hophornbeam seeds, which were spring-sowed in the same medium were monitored during the vegetation period. At the end of vegetation period, seedlings were removed from the soil and morphological characteristics of root (seedling length, root collar diameter, root length, fresh root and stem weight of the seedlings, dried root and stem weight of the seedlings and bud number) were measured. As a result, it was observed that fertilization positively affects the development of seedlings and depending on the fertilization type the seedlings of European hophornbeam populations were found to exhibit different improvements/growing. In addition, 6-9 months Osmocote release fertilizers were determined to be the best fertilizers affecting the morphological (diameter and height) development of European hophornbeam populations effectively, and among the populations, Düzce and Kastamonu populations showed the best improvement/growing.



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Kulaç, Şemsettin, & Yıldız, Özge. (2016). Effect of Fertilization on the Morphological Development of European Hophormbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.) Seedlings. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 4(10), 813–821. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v4i10.813-821.825



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