Determination of Silage Quality of Olive Cake and Corn Mixtures in Different Ratios

Asuman Arslan Duru, Şerafettin Kaya


In this study, corn silage with different ratios of by adding olive pomace olive industry by-product under laboratory conditions was aimed to determine the effects on nutrient contents, fermentation characteristics and in vitro digestibility. Olive pomace used in the research, was added in 0% (control), 20 and 40 levels in corn silage and ensiling period continued during 56 days. At the end of the ensiling period, differences seen in terms of dry matter content, organic matter, crude fat, acit detergent fiber, acid detergent lignin, in each level consisting of corn silage is added to olive pomace were found significant but the crude protein content of the olive pomace-added silages decreased. The highest crude fiber value was determined in the silages added with 40% olive pomace. Crude ash, lactic acid, acetic acid, pH and CO2 differences seen in terms of rates were not found significant. Propoionic acid wasn’t found in the groups to which olive pomace was added, while butyric acid and ammonia nitrogen weren’t observed in all silage groups in the study. At the same time, in vitro organic matter, dry matter and neutral detergent fiber digestibility of silages increased in each level consisting of corn silage is added to olive pomace. As a result, it was considered result that olive pomace the oil industry by product can be a silo feed quality. In particular, the corns by adding 40% of the olive pomace made silage were obtained satisfactory results in terms of both physical and chemical properties.


Fresh olive cake; Silage; Corn; In vitro digestibility; Aerobic stability

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