Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Serum Biochemistry of Broiler Chicken Fed Graded Levels of Sun-Dried Irish Potato Peel Meal

Wafar James Raphael, Ojinnaka Ebere Perpetual, Tarimbuka Isa Luka, Iliya Samuel Deacon, Shehu Ibrahim Isa


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of substituting different levels of sun-dried Irish potato peel meal (SPPM) for maize in diets of broiler chickens. Five diets in which SPPM was replaced with 0 (0SPPM), 25 (25SPPM), 50 (50SPPM), 75 (75SPPM) and 100% (100SPPM) of maize in starter and finisher diets for a 8 week period using broiler chickens were examined. A total of 300 two weeks old broilers chicks Anak 2000 were randomly allotted to five experimental diets with six pen per treatment and 10 birds chicks per pen. Body weight and feed intake of broilers, and feed conversion ratio were determined at the beginning and 56th day of the experiment respectively. On day 56, four broilers from each pen were selected and slaughtered to determine some carcass characteristics and serum biochemistry. The result of growth performance showed that 100SPPM decreased daily weight gain of chickens when compared to other SPPM levels (P<0.05). Dietary SPPM did not affect feed intake and feed conversion ratio (P<0.05). Carcass weight, dressing percentage, and studied serum biochemistry values of chickens in 0SPPM were higher than that of other treatments (P<0.05).It can be concluded that SIPM can replace maize up to 75% in broiler chicken diets without any adverse effect on growth performance, carcass characteristics and serum biochemistry performance Carcass yield, Blood parameters.


Sun-dried Irish Potatoes; Broiler; Serum biochemistry

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