Pyhtojeomorphological Properties of Melilotus officinalis (L.) Desr. and Melilotus alba Desr. (Fabaceae) Taxa in Semiarid Areas Pyhtojeomorphological Properties of Melilotus (L.) Species

Melda Dölarslan, Ebru Gül


This study was carried out to determine morphological, ecological and climatic properties of Melilotus officinalis (L.) Desr. and Melilotus alba Desr. taxa located natural vegetation within the Büyükyayla in Çankırı province Yapraklı district. According to the Grid system of Davis, the study area is on the A4 square and north of the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. The climate of the study area was determined using Emberger method. Plant and soil samples were collected during the vegetation period of 2014 in the study area. Morphologically observed characters of plant height (cm), stipule (mm), racemic (cm), in the case of fruit when I racemic (cm), flowers (units), corollo (mm), wings (mm), keel (mm), standart ( mm), fruit (mm) stamen (single) (mm) stamen (united) (mm), calyx tube (mm), calyx teeth (mm), leaves (cm), petiole (cm), leaflet teeth (mm) it is demonstrated by this study. Some morphological characters of Melilotus officinalis (L.) Desr. taxa measures for plant height, corolla, fruit by Davis (1965-1988) compliance mark, the differences between my racemic have been identified. Melilotus alba Desr. taxa measures for racem, flower, corolla by Davis (1965-1988) compliance mark, the differences between my plant height have been identified. To determine the general ecological characteristics of taxa, soil samples taken from 0-30 cm, measured soil organic matter (TOM), texture, pH, bulk density (BD), electrical conductivity (EC) and the content of CaCO3%. The characteristics of the soils pH, CaCO3 and BD levels have varied between taxa. In this case, the same types of plants growing environment indicates that the request is different.


Çankırı; Yapraklı Büyükyayla; Melilotus species; Phytojeomorphology

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