The Examination of Environmental Design Principles in Public Institutions in the Example of the Current Landscape Design of Konya Courthouse

Sertaç Güngör


Public spaces are among the spaces requiring the most importance for the design in the evaluation of outdoor spaces. Public spaces are the common areas used by people of all ages, genders, and jobs. The key feature of the environmental design made in these areas is its requirement to be at the level of meeting the needs of people from all strata. Since there is not the main method for the evaluation of environmental planning of public institutions and organizations in the current literature and these areas strongly affect the texture of the city, a questionnaire study was conducted in our study with people using the courthouse and courthouse personnel to reveal the standards, criteria and the needs of users in public institutions. According to the results of the questionnaire, solution suggestions were made by revealing the positive and negative sides of landscape designs of the courthouse.


Public institution; Courthouse; Design principles; Questionnaire

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