Genetic Merit Based Genotype Selection for Physical Fruit Traits in Mango

Arun Kumar Barholia, Sangeeta Yadav


Selection indices based on their genetic merit of fruit characters were constructed for fruit yield/tree in 48 genotypes in mango (Mangifera indica L.). Genotypes, SBM 01-35, SBM 01-26, SBM 01-9, SBM 01- 10 and SBM 01-26 in on year while, SBM 01-12, SBM 01-36, SBM 01-26, SBM 01-28 and SBM 01- 9 in off year recorded highest fruit yield /tree. Genotypes SBM 01-10, SBM 01-36, SBM 01-09, SBM 01-30 and SBM 01-6 exhibited comparatively high estimates of selection indices during on year while, SBM 01-36 followed by SBM 01-12, Totapari, SBM 01-17 and SBM 01-29 showed the maximum estimates of selection index for fruit yield/ tree during off year. Alphonso followed by SBM 01-5, SBM 01-13, Langra and SBM 01-14 during on year and Dashehari, Safeda, SBM 01-3 and SBM 01-39 in off year exhibited the minimum estimates of varietal indices. Genotypes differed considerably in their ranking pattern based on selection indices. Genotypes SBM 01-9, SBM 01-10, SBM 01-30, SBM 01-6 and SBM 01-36 showed maximum varietal indices and phenotypic performance in both the years thus, appeared promising for use as parent in mango improvement programme.


Genotypes; Mango on year; Selection indices; Discriminate function coefficients; Physical fruits traits

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