Effects of Diets Including Different Levels of Protein and Supplemented with Probiotic-Enzyme on Performance and Eggshell Quality of Laying Quails

Osman Olgun, Alp Önder Yıldız


This study was carried out to determine the influence of diets including different levels of protein and supplemented with probiotic-enzyme mixed on performance parameters and eggshell quality in laying quails. Japanese quails (n=120), 10 wk of age, were divided into 6 dietary treatment groups and the experiment lasted for 10 weeks. In each experiment group there were 5 replicates, and in each replicates there were 4 birds. Six diets, arranged a factorial design with three protein levels (16, 18 and 20 (control) %) and two levels of supplemented probiotic-enzyme mixed (0.0 and 1.0 g/kg) were used. Dietary crude protein levels and supplementation of probiotic-enzyme did not effect on the body weight gain, egg mass, feed intake, feed conversion, cracked egg yield, specific gravity and shell strength. However, egg production, eggshell thickness and eggshell weight were significantly increased by the addition of probiotic-enzymes mixed. Egg weight in group containing 18% crude protein was significantly higher than the containing 16% crude protein group. Results of the present study indicated that laying quails should be fed 18% crude protein and 1.0 g/kg of supplemental probiotic-enzyme mixed improved egg production and eggshell quality.


Quails; Enzyme; Eggshell quality; Performance; Probiotic; Protein

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