Phenolic Compounds of Olive Oils from Aegean Region

Hasan Hüseyin Kara, Mustafa Kıralan, Eda Çalıkoğlu, Ali Bayrak


In this study the domestic monocultivar (Gemlik, Memecik, Ayvalık, Uslu and Domat cv.) virgin olive oil samples obtained from some provinces (Muğla, Aydın, İzmir ve Manisa) of the Aegean region with the main olive growing zones in Turkey during two harvest periods (2007–2008 and 2008-2009) were investigated. The total phenols and phenolic composition of the oils were determined. The total phenol compound content of olive oils were determined to be 23.69-153.64 mg caffeic acid/kg oil for the 2007-2008 harvest period and 16.18-136.22 mg caffeic acid/kg oil for the 2008-2009 harvest period. Tyrosol, oleuropein, 4-hidroksifenil acetic acid, luteolin, vanilic acid, hydroxtyrosol, rutin, cinnamic acid, verbascoside, hidroksifenil carboxylic acid, syringic acid, 3,4-dihidroksibenzoic acid, cafeic acid, ferulic acid, p-coumaric acid, taxifolin, apigenin were detected in all the olive oil samples. In the olive oil samples, tyrosol and oleuropein were determined to be the maximum amounts of compounds changing between 1.80-13.39 mg/kg, 1.26-19.50 mg/kg for the 2007-2008 harvest period and 1.76-11.66 mg/kg, 0.20-13.12 mg/kg for the 2008-2009 harvest year, respectively.


Olive oil; Phenolic compounds; Total phenols; Aegean Region; HPLC

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