Contributions to the Flora of Bayburt: Cichorieae (Asteraceae)

Murat Erdem Güzel, Mutlu Gültepe, Serdar Makbul, İsa Bozkır, Kamil Coşkunçelebi


The Cichorieae Lam. & DC. is a tribe classified under the family Asteraceae. General characteristics of the tribe are milky latex and homogamous capitula with 5-dentate, ligulate flowers, makes the members easy to identify. The tribe compromise economically important genera Lactuca L. (Marul in Turkish), Scorzonera L. (Tekesakalı in Turkish) and Tragopogon L. (Yemlik in Turkish). The members of these genera are being use as folk medicine in Anatolia and all over the world as well. Bayburt Province settles between Soğanlı, Otlukbeli, Mescit and Giresun Maountains Range. Phytogeographically, Bayburt is included steppe area of the Irano-Turanian region and North tip of the Anatolian Diagonal. Bayburt homes to wide range plant diversity due to these phytogeographical characteristics. We aimed to contribute plant diversity of this city based on the samples collected from Bayburt during the field trips about the project on Cicerbita Wallr., Lactuca, Scorzonera, Tragopogon and Prenanthes L. in 2010-2017 and stored in the Herbarium of the Department of Biology at Karadeniz Technical University (KTUB) and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Department of Biology (RUB). Localities were plotted in a Bayburt map by using QGIS PC programme. According to Flora of Turkey and East Aegean Islands there are 4 taxa belong to Lactuca and 7 taxa belong to Scorzonera taxa in Bayburt, but there is no any record for Tragopogon. In the present paper, we recorded 24 (5 taxa of Lactuca, 14 taxa of Scorzonera and 5 taxa of Tragopogon) taxa from Bayburt, 6 of them endemic to Turkey. Consequently 13 taxa were reported from Bayburt for the first time.


Biodiversity; Lactuca; Lactucinae; Scorzonera; Tragopogon

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