Effects of Egg Shell Temperature and Incubator Ventilation Programme on Incubation Results of Broiler Breeders

Nezih Okur, Sabri Arda Eratalar, Hasan Eleroğlu


The impacts of egg weight (EW), egg shell temperature (EST), egg position in the incubator (EP) and incubator ventilation program (IVP) on embryonic mortality (EM) and hatchability of fertile eggs (HFE) of broiler breeders were investigated in this study. EW was determined total 1920 hatching eggs which were obtained from middle aged (31 weeks) Ross 308 broiler breeders. These eggs were classified according to weight as heavy (65.52±0.08g), medium (61.47±0.04g) and light (57.56±0.08g) then were randomly set in trolleys of four identical incubators sorted as near the heather side – door side, humidifier side – opposite side and top – middle – bottom. In two incubators 37.78°C (100.0°F) EST and 38.06°C (100.5°F) EST were provided in the other two. Similarly, two machines were operated on classic IVP system and the other two were operated on new IVP system organised specially for this project during first 10 days of incubation. At the end of the hatching period, data including EM and HFE data were examined in eggs with different EST, EW and EP. It was found that EW and EST were affected to EM and HFE. Lower last stage + pipped but unhatched embryo rates and accordingly higher HFE were determined in eggs with 37.78°C (100.0°F) EST and light. However, differences between IVP and EP data were not significant.


Broiler; Incubation; Egg Shell Temperature; Egg Weight; Hatcability of Fertile Eggs

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